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We love vintage!

We started this blog because we wanted to share our passion with like-minded individuals from all over the world. We love fashion, and vintage is a huge part of how we dress and our personal styles.

Karen Doubleday

Aside from being a real retro vintage queen and website writer- I love the quote, 'Work harder than you think you did yesterday". I am a hard worker myself and I like surrounding myself with people who work hard. Watching my friends achieve their goals motivates me to work harder. I love anything vintage. I often say, "If it's vintage, then it's my type". I like vintage clothes because they have lived in a different era, and I think vintage is classic and unique. My online name is trouble, I think it's quirky. Plus, I tend to disturb the peace wherever I go.

John Topper aka "Black Panther"

It’s not easy being the website editor but I make due with what I have. "Few things are as sexy as someone who is passionate about something". I think this quote says a lot about my passions. I love fashion. I love lingerie. And am especially passionate about lingerie history. I think being sexy is more than just about what you wear. It is the aura you exude when you walk into a place. It is a feeling that is either embedded in your being or not It comes from the inside, then out. I often call myself a Black Panther. It is my spirit animal. It is fierce and it has a rare kind of beauty.

Alisha Summer formerly known as: "The Ultimate Fashionista"

Want to know what a contributing writer really does? Well- I love fashion. I love clothes. I love dressing up. I think the best way anyone can express who they are is through what they wear. I love the quote, "Fashion is about something that comes from within you". Personally, I am fearless, brave, and bold, so I dress like it Fashion is a way of life, and I think if people put more attention to what they wear, they are happier. When you are confident in what you are wearing, it also gives you the feeling that you can take on the world.

‘Memphis Jack’ Webber

I help arrange the special events reports for this website. I love vintage. Heck, I am obsessed with vintage. I think vintage is elegant and sophisticated. I remember my fascination with vintage started with old black and white movies I would watch with my dad. And then, I would go shopping. I would look out for a similar style. It became my thing, and it makes my dressing quite unique. If you ever visit my social media profiles, you will find the tagline, "Up Until Dawn". I am an insomniac. I am often up until dawn.

We hope that other vintage lovers can identify with our style. We want to share our experiences, knowledge and also create a safe space where vintage lovers can be themselves. We are big on uniting vintage lovers because while the rest of the world is looking for new trends, vintage lovers are drawn to the old ones. And that makes us quite unique. Write us here for any inquiries you may have- we'd love to hear from you.


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