The evolution of vintage bras and panties

1910, Enter Mary Phelps Jaco BHave you ever wondered where the bras and panties came from? As everything has its own history, so is the bras and the panties. In 14th century, the first bandeau was mostly seen with the female athletes during the 1300’s. This is depicted in the wall paintings of them wearing bandeau-like tops for support of the breasts or to cover up while while competing in athletics or in any other sports. Belief me not, before then they were moving around bare-breasted under simple sheath dresses.

In 1869 the first modern bra was was made in France given the name: the corselet gorge. It was garment which was cut into two separate undergarments. The top garment supported the breasts by means of straps, while the lower garment was a corset for the waist. Later in 1905, they started selling the bras alone. In 1910, Enter Mary Phelps Jacob invented the modern bra with a pair of silk ribbons-sans and silk handkerchiefs. And since then bras came in different types including the torpedo-shaped bras, the pushup bras to mention but a few. Now you have the clue where the bras came from Right?

1920’s- There was this little chemise style called step ins' which was very popular among young flappers. They were decorated with ribbon flowers or lace and were made delicately. During this era lingerie, which were simple and plain undergarments.

Calvin Klein H1930’s- During this era corsets were commonly worn though girdles were fast taking their place. They (the girdles) were made from new stretchy elastic fabrics which created smooth body girdles that were flattering to the figure.

1940’s- Panties were now introduced during this era. The Bridget Jones style or the granny panties as they are well known today were made. They were shorter on the leg but still quite high cut. They resembled somehow little shorts.

1950’s- This was the era the 'hour glass' were introduced which helped women to get the much sought after 'hour glass figure'. They were mostly made from silk which the popular material by then. 1960’s- Nylon was mostly used during this time Stretch fabrics and lace underwent a serious transformation. The classic bikini was modified during this era from the granny panties. They were popular for their smooth lines and form fit.

1970's- During this era a little thong was introduced. It was immensely common which showed off a little more skin and baring that bum. You could mistaken it with the original loin cloth. They became very popular and were available in various colors and prints.

1990’s- During this time different brands like Calvin Klein started branding their brands around the waist band to display their names. This was not only acting as a marketing tool but a huge display of status.