Victorian Lingerie: Was it really so chic?

The undergarments or the lingerie were not a thing of much discussion before the Victorian age.Victorian lingerie revolutionized the world of undergarments, and a new kind of corset was introduced with an impact that was profound.

Victorian Lingerie and undergarments UWhy Victorian lingerie was so ground-breaking?

Victorian lingerie focused solely on the body shape of the women. The everlasting desire of women to have an hourglass-shaped body was the main reason behind many aesthetic designs. The dreaded corset was a tight undergarment which helped to keep the belly section of women in the desired shape. This means, the undergarment was so tight that it forced the body to keep a specific shape after some time. As a result of such pressure on the belly section, the bosom of women bulged out! This also evoked a sensual appeal. There were laces to make the dress more fitting to the body and stretched from top to bottom like the shoe strings of a form-fitting sneaker. This concept was new to women which is why so many dreaded the whalebone boning which gave the corset additional strength and form. The love for this undergarment spread quickly throughout the early 1800’s, and allowed women to take responsibility of their body shape and stand out in a time when an ideal body image was everything for the modern woman.

Victorian fashion of pajamas OWhy Victorian Lingerie and undergarments are becoming favorite again?

After 1960, two-part undergarments came into fashion. There was only one problem with these new kinds of two-part undergarments which gave no focus on the belly section of women. The present world is busy. To keep the body in shape women have to work out. Women tend to grow fat and it becomes really hard for them to keep their belly in shape. This Victorian lingerie serves the dual purpose. The first one is that it acts as an undergarment and the second one is that it also hides the belly fat. This Victorian fashion is coming back and it appears that the undergarment has almost the same attention as the outer apparel. The night clothing in the Victorian era was full sleeved and it was white the neck-line was covered and rest of the dress was free underneath. The idea was that after so much of undergarment's stress on the body, the nightdress kept the body relaxed.

The present trend of pajamas is changing

The nice white looking Victorian nightdress covers the full body as well as it relaxes the entire body. It involves no tying and the hollow space allows a nice air flow. The relaxed muscles guarantee a good sleep. Now, this new age Victorian lingerie is made with more precision and calculated stress on the body. The fashion is only taken from that age, but the undergarment is now more scientific.

Some films and some great personalities are also promoting this Victorian Lingerie fashion. Its not entirely a sudden demand but the undergarments fashion is changing. The idea is not just to wear it but to wear it for a reason. If this Victorian fashion is returning, it should be welcomed. The future of undergarments perhaps gets an inspiration from this Victorian Lingerie.